Friday, December 30, 2011

As our year comes to an End...

Audra is the Big Reader here in our house and ZOE (6 months old) thinks that's just dandy.

Fresh color & a New Hair Cut to ring in the New Year!

My Christmas Gift from Louis (the phone), from Audra (the case)
& from Jared (much needed, Tech Support)

Post Christmas Gift to myself...a charging station & home for my new toy.
Playing with a Photo App on my new I Phone
...Zoe lets me take her picture with a little less complaint than some of the others around here...

Grateful for a life well lived in 2011
Blessed by Family & Friends

Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry! Merry!!

ZOE's 1st Christmas

...And In The Morning, I'm making Waffles!
Delightful December Days

Zoe is enjoying most sunny afternoons at our neighborhood dog park


An evening to exchange Gifts & Celebrate Friends!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Good Things
Cookie Exchange & Christmas Gift Swap
Party Night...

Here's a look at what I brought to the evening
A bit of the fun & frolic with friends
Always a Delightful December Date

Monday, December 12, 2011

The hustle & bustle of the
Christmas Season is upon Us...

It took a week of unpacking & arranging,
to cheerfully adorn our abode... now, our stockings are hung by the chimney, with care...
...and the kitchen is a place of of joyful activity...

I've already managed to compose, address & post our Holiday Greetings.
And Audra attended her Junior Ball.
What a fun filled (& productive) weekend we've had...
Now it's time to sit back & relax with a little eggnog.

(or maybe I should finish shopping for gifts and get them wrapped?)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

December's I've been a busy girl!
My 1st job was to put up my little champagne tinsel tree in the livingroom

Next was time to pick out a Fresh tree for the Diningroom
It looked LITTLE at the tree lot, but it doesn't look too small in our house
Taking a FUN break from decorating to craft with my girlfriends
But 10 boxes await my attention...
I wonder if I can get some help from Audra?
I know...I'll bake instead!
My pick for this year's cookie exchange is a
Crystallized Ginger & Molasses cookie 
And since the sun was shining, I swept up outside...
but Zoe felt that she must sit IN THE PILE of leaves while I worked
And then she decided it was a perfect BED.
So, maybe I'll just decorate our Christmas Tree tomorrow?

Friday, November 25, 2011

...and the Celebrating continues...

Feeling Blessed

Sunday, November 20, 2011

November Birthdays....

Louis' 52nd...(in the box is a new brown coat)

Tracy's Treats from a Wilson Girls birthday lunch (lucky me)

& A trip to the coast to help celebrate Mom's big 70th!
Lots of family celebrating packed into one busy weekend

Zoe -  Zoe - Zoe
Doesn't anyone want to pet me?

Ooh...Yeah!...I get to go in the truck!

Naptime, again?

Posing for a photo shoot
in her post surgery Fashion.

A girl can't have only 1 wardrobe change!
Happy Halloween

Audra (musketeer) & Claire (red riding hood)
attended a party on Saturday together

Having Halloween dinner at Grandma Carole's

The 13 year olds still went out trick or treating...
After dinner, the college cousins had other places to go

Saturday, October 29, 2011

She's Getting to be a Big Girl now...

(13 years...look where she wants to shop now?!?)

are we talking Teenager or Puppy here?
...well, Both! (actually)

ZOE (16 weeks old)

Audra on her way in to assist at an etiquette workshop

Our front yard is surviving the puppy...
(she doesn't really realize it's there yet)
Give her time, I imagine she'll start digging there too...

This is where she hangs out when banished to the great outdoors...
where she can keep her eye on the backyard & get the best view of the rooms inside too.
Audra's Cheer Group is keeping our calendar full this month...and it's all Fun!